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The experienced team at NuMale Medical Center of Las Vegas, led by the highly certified industry expert Dr. Asandra, specializes in a number of treatments that cater to a variety of men’s sexual wellness and body issues.

If you’re a man in your 30s, it’s time to realize that changes are coming. These changes will affect your physical appearance and mental state, as well as body functions, and are unfortunately inevitable for most. The team at NuMale Medical Center of Las Vegas, NV knows exactly what causes these changes, and how to reverse them.

Life-Changing Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction, Thinning Hair and Low Testosterone

It’s our goal to not only get you looking young again with things like hair replacements and weight loss, but to really get you feeling great. People say you are only as old as you feel, so that’s where we want to start! Helping men reach their full wellness potential and confidence level is what fuels us every day, so we never stop learning and searching for the latest advancements in technology to share with our clients.

We specialize in helping men in the Las Vegas area with:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Premature Ejaculation Treatments
  • Impotence Treatments
  • Low T Treatments (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)
  • NuMale Eros Treatment™
  • FDA Approved NeoGraft Hair Transplants
  • Medical Weight Loss

Hormone Balancing Approach

One thing that makes our center unique is our experience and work with innovative hormone balancing methods. As you lose testosterone, such an important hormone for men’s development and body functions, you experience a number of imbalances. These lead to uncomfortable side effects like hot flashes, reduced energy, and even a lack of sexual desire. Through hormone balancing, we try to replace some of that testosterone lost to get you balanced and feeling reinvigorated. We also utilize the body’s own fibrin matrix where we can, as an approach to regulating things like blood flow. Only certified professionals should be performing these treatments, and boasting a 98% success rate, we are fully licensed to offer these services in Las Vegas, NV. Men who are searching for solutions for medical weight loss, thinning hair, loss of sexual performance or testosterone treatments in Vegas should contact the team from NuMale today to learn about treatment options. 

Meet with our team and see the value for yourself. Call NuMale of Las Vegas today!

Our Mission Statement:

"NuMale’s mission is to provide world-class, therapeutic care that supports optimal health and lifelong vitality. We strive to foster quality, long-term relationships with our patients to deliver optimal results. We trust our valuable healthcare team and pledge to treat one another with respect, honor, and loyalty."

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